Our open bar services go beyond our clients’ needs, so we always look for the surprise factor in all of them. We take care of every detail to surprise your guests during the event. This is why we have more than 10 different bars to adapt to your demands. The following pictures show two of our last creations of this year.


Spring is arriving and with it the beginning of the wedding season. During the next 6 months you will find us in thousands of spaces where you will be able to enjoy our open bar services.

As every year, we have already prepared our cocktails with which we will surprise you in our bars.

We hope to be able to toast glasses!

The Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile event on the world, which gathers the latest technology from more than 2.400 companies around the globe. The central point this year was the intelligent connectivity that describes the combination of the 5G high-speed nets.

Huawei, as a big global power and for 4 consecutive years trusted us to provide the cocktail catering for more than 2.000 assistants. One more year, Gintònic.cat was the one in charge of offering a vast selection of cocktails especially created for the occasion.