Gintò is born in 2009 to make Jordi Millan’s dreams come true: to offer exclusive cocktail products and services anywhere where needed.

Jordi Millan is an agronomic engineer but his passion towards the cocktail world brought him to receive professional cocktail training from one of the most prestigious bartenders of Spain, Josep Ma Gotarda. Nowadays, he is the owner of Glaç cocktail bars, brand and cocktail bars assessor, creator of Gintage gin – the first landscape gin- and author of the book “ El manual del gintonic perfecto”, which is currently a bestseller with 7 editions.

It was during the boom of the gastronomic catering sector and after realizing the vacuum on the market of ours when Jordi Millan decided to create an only-cocktail catering with the aim of offering the same quality, professionalism and service that cocktail bars provide, and at the same time innovate and create new experience to differentiate from them.

Nowadays, Gintò is a leader in the open bar events in Spain, with the capability to fulfill any kind of requirement or demand from the costumers, creating unique, elegant, and authentic scenarios.